This website is developed during my free time, and helped with learning some material for a Web Applications Project course I took while in school. I might also use it to host any other sort of projects in the future. However, it's still mainly a sandbox/toy to play with when I'm bored or have some free time. I mainly use it to write musings related to Linux and other tech experiences.

Intially this website was hosted on a REV 2 Model B Raspberry Pi, running Arch Linux ARM and an nginx HTTP server, which I chose mainly for it's simplicity and low memory footprint. The website is now hosted by GitHub Pages for it's ease of maintaining and for consistent uptime. The dynamic DNS services are provided by FreeDNS, since it does not require free accounts to renew subscriptions regularly.


My goal is to keep this site fully HTML5 and CSS3 compliant, as defined by the W3's markup validation services. I also want to keep the design of this website simple. There are many neat and flashy effects that CSS3can do, but being a fan of minimalism, I will do my best to keep this site in line with what I believe to believe to be minimal and aesthetically pleasing. As part of keeping everything minimalistic and this site being a learning opportunity, for now I plan to keep it static, using mostly handwritten HTML and CSS.

The theme of the website is loosely inspired by that of the Arch Linux website, in term of clean design, and simple visual effects. The color scheme is derived from Google's Android Holo theme.