Migration to Jekyll Completed!

12 Nov 2013

As promised I've migrated about 90% of the site over to using Jekyll, to allow for easier and more dynamic updating.

Jekyll is a static website generator, written in Ruby, that I found after a bit of searching. It's not as powerful as say, Ruby on Rails or Django, but it allows for me to keep all of the work I had done previously, while also making it extremely easy to make blogs posts like this. It keeps me from having to write as much redundant code, as well as providing useful things like syntax highlighting for code snippets, all while being much much simpler to use and set up than a full blown framework, which would be complete overkill for a website like this.

(Snippet provided by Jekyll's example blog post):

def print_hi(name)
  puts "Hi, #{name}"
#=> prints 'Hi, Tom' to STDOUT.

Check out the Jekyll website for more info.

With such easy and useful features, I can blog inanely about the various Linux things I spend far too much time on.

As usual I still work on this in my free time, so posts can range from anywhere to frequent and content filled, to sparse and empty. It all depends on how much homework I have and/or how much I actually feel like working on this site. There is still some more work to do, such as adding back in the projects page, and figuring out what I want the fourth link to be, but most of the work has been done, and I can continue to come up with further improvements, should I find any.

Other than that continue to enjoy what little there currently is to enjoy about this website, assuming there is anyone reading this in the first place. Seriously though, my hat goes off to anyone who took this time to read this dribble.