New Year, Hopefully New Content

02 Jan 2014

Hopefully in the coming year I am able/willing to make more posts with content more interesting content than changes I made to the internals of this blog. However, I've reached a plateau in terms of changes I want to make, so there isn't much more I can even post about it. Recently I've embedded Mozilla's Fira Typeface in place of the user's predefined font. The new fonts should show up just fine on Firefox and webkit browsers, but I have no idea about Internet Explorer other than IE11, or others. Just in case there are other pleasant fallbacks in place. The site may load a bit slower now since it has to load the fonts, but it shouldn't be too noticable.

The favicon is a new addition as well. It's nothing special, but the extremely observant reader would have noticed that the letters 'm' and 'p' were made using the Mr. Saturn font from the game Earthbound (a personal favorite of mine)!


(font and image courtesy of Earthbound Central)

UPDATE (12 May 2014): The Sans Serif font is Noto Sans and the Monospaced font is Ubuntu Mono