04 May 2014

About four months ago we got fed up with how hit or miss our WOW! provided router was, and replaced the wireless functions of the offending Router/Modem abomination with a real wireless router. Somehow the port forwarding and DHCP reservations for my Pi were disrupted, and my website went down. Due to how busy this recent semester at school was, I didn't have much time/energy (except I kinda did sometimes) to deal with getting it back up and running. Since I had a bit of free time between Spring and Summer semester (almost an entire week!), I didn't have much of an excuse to not deal with it.

Fortunately my four-month-out-of-date Arch Linux ARM install survived the most massive system update it will hopefully ever have to deal with, and other than not having enough space the first try due to an unemptied Pacman cache, it's up and running, happy as can be.

Despite broken promises of real content and what not, I will still try to put some stuff out every now and then, even though my final two semesters at school are looking to be just as busy as my most recent ones.