I'm Baaa-aaack

13 Aug 2014

As per usual with this blog, real life and school got in the way of maintaining it, and once again it was down for an extended period of time. This time, due to moving to a new house, and not having room to properly set up my Raspberry Pi in an already overcrowded meadia center setup. So with that I've, somewhat sadly, decided to ditch the Raspberry Pi altogether, since it was starting to cause more annoyance than benefit.

Instead I've moved my entire website to GitHub's Pages hosting. The obvious benefits of this are the consistent uptime along with Jekyll integration, allowing me to keep my blog exactly the way it was before. In fact nobody would even know that I had switched hosting if I hadn't said anything. The transition was more or less pretty smooth, barring a couple of DNS related configuration issues. Since all of my webiste files were already on GitHub, all I had to do to change it to a GitHub Pages website was to rename the repository to misterpokeylope.github.io and GitHub's servers did all of the magic. From there, replacing my old A records with a CNAME entry on FreeDNS was all I needed to do to get my domain name to point to the new host, and from there everything was golden.

Now that I have this website up and running for good, I'll probably write some new posts, specifically about using Arch Linux on the Acer C720 Chromebook.